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Greetings, everyone! Today, we’re exploring the realm of the Backpod—a device that has become instrumental in the journey towards alleviating the challenges of costochondritis for my patients. This device has gained significant attention due to its potential in addressing this painful condition that many individuals, including those under my care, grapple with.

Trending Backpod honest Review by dr khadija

Backpod Review

To clarify, the following discussion isn’t sponsored. The Backpod caught my patients’ attention during particularly distressing phases of their struggle with costochondritis, a condition that persisted for an extensive period. Exploring various options led us to the Backpod, which stood out due to its promising reviews on platforms like Amazon and through testimonials shared by Steve August, the physiotherapist from New Zealand behind its creation.

Steve August’s theory revolves around the spinal column’s role in costochondritis, specifically where the rib hinges connect to the back. He suggests that the Backpod effectively targets and unlocks these joints, addressing the stiffness caused by collagen buildup that exacerbates the discomfort.

Trending Backpod Review by www doctorkhadija com

In their cases, prolonged suffering led to what Steve refers to as ‘frozen’ joints, intensifying the pain over time. Conventional medical approaches usually rely on pain relief medications, providing temporary respite without addressing the underlying cause. Many found themselves relying heavily on ibuprofen to manage the pain, which wasn’t a sustainable solution.

Prior to incorporating the Backpod into their routine, my patients underwent an array of tests—from X-rays to CT scans, and even cardiac checks at the hospital—all inconclusive. However, their persistent discomfort in the sternum area led to suspicions of hidden swelling.

Acquiring the Backpod a few weeks ago and diligently using it for about two and a half weeks, they adapted to lying on a firm surface like the Backpod, which initially proved challenging. However, persistence paid off. They now use it daily and have surpassed the initial recommendation of using multiple pillows for comfort.

Dr khadija Trending Backpod Review

Moreover, turning this daily Backpod routine into a meditation session by utilizing headphones to enhance the experience has facilitated their adjustment to lying on the device, making it a more manageable part of their daily morning routine.

How to Use Backpod?

When lying on the Backpod, if you find it too hard or if it causes discomfort, it’s important to adjust your approach. Referring to pages 3 to 5 of the user guide is crucial to ensure proper usage. The key here is not to rush the process and allow sufficient time for the device to work effectively.

How to use

Stretching tough materials around the hinges takes time to loosen up. It’s comparable to dealing with tight hamstrings—if you try to force too much in one go, it can cause discomfort. Instead, use pillows and gradually ease into each stretch, ensuring it’s reasonable and not excessively intense.

Daily use, while being mindful of not pushing too hard too soon, is essential. Over time, with consistent use, usually around three weeks, significant improvements can be observed—up to about 90% freedom of movement can be achieved.

Trending Backpod Review dr khadija

Remember, patience and consistency are key when using the Backpod. Allow the device to work gradually and steadily, and you’ll likely experience positive results in due course.

Where to Buy Backpod

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In summary, the Backpod has significantly alleviated my patients’ costochondritis pain. They’re thrilled to share that they’ve been off all medication related to this condition for the past three weeks—an accomplishment worth celebrating, particularly for those managing lupus. However, caution is advised for individuals with specific conditions like osteoporosis, and seeking guidance before using the Backpod is recommended.

I aim to keep my patients informed about any developments, ensuring transparency and authenticity in my reviews. Their journey with the Backpod has been transformative, and I hope their experience can assist those facing similar challenges.

Until next time, take care and stay well!


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