How Can A Chiropractor Help A Pinched Nerve

Many chiropractors claim they can treat common conditions of pinched nerves in the spinal vertebrae. As a certified chiropractor, I will explore how can a chiropractor help a pinched nerve. A chiropractor adjustment provides a non-invasive alternative to more invasive treatments like surgery for the release of pressure or compression from a pinched nerve. Chiropractic adjustments can help alleviate shooting nerve pain and discomfort without relying on painkillers or invasive procedures.

What does a pinched nerve look like on an MRI

Before any treatment, a healthcare professional should first diagnose the reason for the pinched nerve. There are some tests to assess the pinched nerve. A digital assessment of pinched nerves done by  MRI report. If the nerve is pinched in the spinal vertebrae, the MRI reports shows spinal vertebral body stenosis. 

what does a pinched nerve look like on an mri

Reason for the pinched nerve

A pinched nerve happens when the surrounding tissues, such as muscles, bones, or tendons, put too much pressure on the nerve. The normal operation of the nerve may be interfered with by this compression, resulting in pain and discomfort. Pinched nerves can affect any part of the body, but they frequently happen in the neck, lower back, or spine.

There are some external and internal factors of Pinched nerve 

Internal factor

If the surrounding area of the nerve compresses the nerve due to inflammation, irregular bone movement, ulceration, or compartment syndrome, nerve weakness becomes prone to nerve compression, misalignment, or subluxation of the bony joint. 

External factor

Bone fractures keep the body in a certain position for a prolonged period of time. Compression bandages 

Symptoms of Pinched Nerve

can a chiropractor help a pinched nerve.

The symptoms of pinched nerve as follow

  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Decrease motor in  response
  • Decrease in sensory response
  • Shooting pain in the nerve pathway
  • Radiating pain to the include area of nerve pathway 

Common area of Pinched Nerve 

Chiropractor help a pinched nerve by  alleviate the pain and numbness by releasing the pressure from the pinched nerve. Most commonly, people experience upper-body numbness related to shoulder and neck pain. These are signs of pinched nerves in the neck. Upper cervical spinal vertebral stenosis results in pinched nerves in the neck. 

Upper cervical spinal vertebral stenosis results in pinched nerves in the neck

If the pinched nerve is in the foot, a chiropractor help a pinched nerve usually by adjusting the lower lumber vertebrae.  Because the sciatic nerve originates from the lower lumber vertebrae, which move back from leg to foot, if a patient feels a dull, burning sensation in the foot, then these are sometimes signs of sciatica. For a chiropractor, it is very important to diagnose the cause of a pinched nerve. You can also try all effective treatment options for sciatica. 

How can a chiropractor help a pinched nerve

Pinched Nerve Chiropractor

There are various chiropractor pinched nerve techniques that can help relieve pressure on the affected nerves.

Spinal Adjumnent chiropractor for pinched nerve

Nerves arise from spinal vertebrae, which is why in chiropracty a specialized chiropractor first focuses on spinal vertebrae. It is important to adjust the spinal vertebrae 

In this spinal technique, the chiropractor helps a pinched nerve by using gentle manipulation for spinal vertebral adjustments.  


pinched nerve by uses gentle manipulation

A chiropractor uses Maitland manipulation techniques to adjust the joint in its actual position. Gentle mobilization of joints increases joint movement. During mobilization, chiropractor help pinched nerve by reducing stiffness and tension in joints and muscles, which is one of the signs a pinched nerve is healing. 

Traction distraction technique

traction by chiropractor can pinched nerve by uses gentle manipulation for spinal vertebral

Traction distraction is considered an effective treatment for pinched nerves. In this technique, the chiropractor helps a pinched nerve by distracting the joint and relieving the pressure on the nerve. With traction, patients feel comfort and relief in pain is the major sign of the pinched nerve is healing. It is very important to distract the joint with precaution because if the distraction is not done properly, it may cause injury or subluxation of the joint. 

Soft Tissue Manipulation

 In this technique, the chiropractor helps a pinched nerve by manipulating the soft tissue. The aim of soft tissue manipulation is to reduce muscle tension, promote blood circulation, and alleviate inflammation around the affected nerves.

With the proper technique of a chiropractor help a pinched nerve. Reduced pain and resumption of motor activity are common signs of nerve healing. To explore more about signs of a pinched nerve is healing learn here. 

Monitoring your symptoms and signs is very important. Risks associated with chiropractic adjustments include the possibility of injury and strokes brought on by neck manipulation. Learn how chiropractic hurt


Chiropractic pinched nerve treatment is a holistic approach to addressing the underlying causes. Rather than just focusing on relieving pinched nerve symptoms, a chiropractor for pinched nerves corrects the root cause of the problem, providing long-term relief and preventing future recurrences.  Chiropractic care for pinched nerves is generally considered safe when performed by a qualified professional. However, it is essential to communicate openly with your chiropractor about any pre-existing. If you want to know about qualified chiropractors in your area you can ask me here. I will help you to find the best chiropractor in all around from united state.  

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