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Udesyeny Plantar Fasciitis Boot review www doctorkhadija com

    Best Fitness Products

    Udesyeny Plantar Fasciitis Boot Review

    Udesyeny Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint, an updated version designed without aluminum bars for triple foot support, featuring two Velcro straps for enhanced comfort. This splint aims to alleviate plantar fasciitis...

    Hip Belt for SI jont dysfuction

      Best Fitness Products

      Best brace for SI joint pain - SI joint brace

      Looking for a solution to alleviate sacroiliac joint pain, lower back discomfort, or related nerve issues? The Vriksasana Sacroiliac Hip Belt could be your answer. With its versatile design catered...

      ice bath tub review dr khadija

        Ice Bath gadget

        Susbie Large size Ice bath tub review

        Featuring a 6-layer insulation design, the large size ice bath  tub comprises a durable outer layer (polyester, nylon, PVC) and an inner layer (pearl cotton, waterproof coating). It maintains up...